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Shell Soft has been driving intelligence into grid based services through Smart Grid Ops, a smarter and effective way to operate and manage a wide variety of grid based systems. The key idea behind Smart Grid Ops is to maximize energy efficiency, optimize performance and maintenance of services, offer smarter services and enabling greener consumption of key utilities.

Smarter solutions with Smart Grid Ops

Leveraging smarter electricity and other key utilities
With energy efficiency and eco friendliness crucial to all key utility services including electricity, water and gas, Shell Soft Inc. has taken the leap by delivering smarter and greener utility management and maintenance services through Smart Grid Ops. What Smart Grid Ops brings to the table is:

  • Smart Metering Program, enabling automated consumption reading and invoice generation system
  • Enabling the consumers to choose the source of power for energy efficiency
  • Enabling the consumers to optimize power utilization during peak load hours
  • Proper distribution of power through effective grid load management
  • Automated gas consumption reading and invoice generation
  • Deploy and manage radio water meters and networks for effective water utility services
  • Enabling faster field services and customer care operations through live GPS based reporting and information system through hand held devices
  • Utility ERP system enabling integrated and seamless service delivery and information stacking

Enabling faster disaster management
Smart Grid Ops efficiently and quickly helps to put utility services like electricity, water and gas back on track if an unforeseen disaster strikes. Our smart servers identifies the affected utility service points in real time and marks their grid locations and passes the necessary information to the service personnel so that they can press into action immediately

Effective traffic management
Smart Grid Ops can prove extremely handy in managing and regulating traffic smoothly especially during unexpected traffic halts and jams, by easily directing additional cops to the spot faster.

Real time Logistics
Smart Grid Ops brings you the geographic positional information of anything in transit, helping you to get a real time inventory of your logistics. This can help you to pass on the real time transit information to your customers and handle transit breakdowns easily with least amount of time loss.

Improved garbage collection operations
Get your pickup schedules right and highly synchronized using Smart Grid Ops. It helps in enabling timely pickups, helps in handling truck breakdown situations and so on.

Leveraging other grid based services
The Smart Grid Ops can be similarly extended to other grid based services like maintenance of parks, managing VIP movement, assisting in security services and all real time grid based information centric services.

Why choose Smart Grid Ops

  • Shell Soft Inc. is already leveraging smart utility management services effectively to its clients.
  • Our experience which spans across different technology verticals enables us to deliver robust and smarter grid based services
  • Over 15 years of presence has made us understand the pressing and future needs of our customers especially in the grid based service sectors
  • As a global citizen it is our responsibility to leverage smarter and greener utility services and build greener cities
To know how Smart Grid Ops can help you to deliver and manage your grid based services effectively and smartly, call us now
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