Who We Serve
Over the last 15 years Shell Soft Inc. has dedicatedly and tirelessly served its customers from across different industry verticals. The key to our happy customer count, customer retention rate and growing customer base is our service excellence, business integrity and customer centric business model. However with over 50 satisfied clients from across different industries we have designed our service policies and work culture to primarily suit some specific clients, including:

Federal Government

One of the primary objectives of Shell Soft Inc. has been to serve the Federal Government agencies through leveraging technology and addressing their various functional challenges. We offer highly secure and fully stable software solutions that will meet the Federal Government’s stringent quality parameters and axioms. We ensure that these solutions fully meet the desired objectives and more importantly will boost of functionally easy-to-use features so that it can be immediately and easily be used to drive in the benefits and administer the services.

State & Local Government

With our business objectives and resources closely working with government agencies we have adherence to the necessary parameters and certifications which enable faster and smoother solution implementation. We have also devised many functional frameworks that would seamlessly enable high coordination with the agencies and assist in delivering the desired solutions faster.

Commercial Clients

With serving over 50 satisfied customers including Fortune 500 companies we are at the forefront of delivering highly robust, technologically superior, problem addressing software solutions and products across various IT verticals. Our service excellence and technical knowhow has attracted clients from an array of industries including OEMs, Product manufacturing companies, Logistics and Services companies, Software and IT industry leaders, Pharmaceuticals, Financial companies, Telecom giants, Hospitality sector, Transportation sector, Utility management companies and so on.
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