Vision and Mission Statement
How we arrived at it
When we started in 1997, offering solutions and services the only objective was to deliver high quality services to our clients with an eye at client retention, technology enablement and business growth. We went on and added more and more services as per our client's new and varied requirements and were expanding at a rapid and steady pace.
There were issues, hindrances and even clash of individual objectives and ideas but we overcame all and went about our business easily as we were a small like-minded team. But as we grew so did our team and along with it the issues and differences in service offerings.
And at this juncture we felt the need for a common driving force, an objective which would drive us and
guide us as a whole, which would form the basis of our decision making and importantly helps us in resolving issues quickly without leaving any unhappy residue.
This is how we arrived at our vision and mission statements, rather than sitting and drafting it to be appealing right at the inception of Shell Soft Inc. This process also lead to the birth of our competency center to augment and keep us in line with our vision and mission statements
Our Vision :
To become a preferred global destination for enabling customer centric IT solutions through service excellence and technology garnering
Our Mission :
To excel in the full spectrum of Information Technology services and become the preferred technology staffing and consulting solutions partner to our clients
How we achieve it :
A breakdown of this vision and mission gives us the following responsible and actionable steps that every single member of Shell Soft Inc. assimilates and follows every single day
  • Following and deducing vital day-to-day business and development activities to achieve service excellence
  • Constant innovation through our competency center to enhance work efficiency and exceed customer expectations
  • Maintain business integrity
  • Widen technological grip and service offering
  • Devising the best technology staffing solutions to meet the diverse client needs
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