Capability Statement :- Our Core-Competencies
Our Core-Competencies
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Capability Statement
Our core competency is not mere collection of skills enabling service offerings to our clients, but it is the synchronization of conducive work environment, unique development approach, delivery models, business integrity and skilled resources that creates our competence. Sans this competent environment, delivering services would be just ordinary or common, that Shell Soft Inc. absolutely will not give into.

And for this purpose we maintain an exclusive competency center that ensures competence is achieved, maintained and pushed at every level leading to excellence in service.

Objectives of our competency center
  • Charting competency index for every departments and ensuring that they are met
  • Regular assessments to keep low performances at check
  • Periodic and client-requirement-driven trainings to our resources, for skill updates and other crucial project requirements
  • Maintaining proper work environment and devising techniques to maintain healthy work culture and resource happiness index
  • Resolving issues and clarifying queries right at the roots
  • Developing and maintaining proper synchronization between departments and hierarchy
  • Augmenting vision and mission objectives

This competent environment drives our core technical competencies, which include:

  • Software Development Lifecycle Management
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Project Planning, Implementation & Management
  • Full Lifecycle Development and Support
  • System Development and Integration Services
  • ERP System Design, Implementation & Services
  • Service Grid Operations (Utility Management)
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Talent Acquisition
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