Service Implementation :- Onsite & Offsite Development Support
Onsite & Offsite Development Support
Right Sourcing Model
Work Methodology
We at Shell Soft Inc. understand that every software development challenges are unique and addressing them is the key, irrespective of the development model or service implementation mechanism used. That’s why using our three different service implementation methodology we ensure that our clients are always in the most convenient position during the life time of our contract.

Shell Soft Inc.’s service implementation methodologies

Onsite Development Support
There are instances where the software needs to be developed at the client’s location mandated by its development nature, compliances, benefits or legal necessity. In cases like these we ensure that our resources deliver the required development support at our client’s location.

Some of the key benefits of onsite development model

  • Easily get constant client inputs
  • Easy and quick decision making and approvals
  • No communication delays
  • Live testing with live data
  • Data and software security etc.

Offsite Development Support
Customers can just give us the requirements and focus back on their core jobs and just wait for the timely delivery of the desired software or assigned tasks.

Benefits of Offsite development model

  • Our customers can relax and focus back on the primary job after giving us the job description or business problem that needs to be resolved
  • Our resources can uninterruptedly work on the assignment at their native work bays
  • Better work results as the entire execution process happens under Shell Soft Inc.’s work competency framework
  • Easy monitoring by our project managers

Flexible Development Support
As the name innately suggests this model has been evolved to meet the diverse software development needs of our clients. This model also delivers modular and split software development process.

Benefits of Flexible development model

  • Customers need not stick to either onsite or offsite development, they can get the best of two.
  • System integration at client’s place and software development at our development facility possible
  • Offsite development and onsite testing possible
  • Client input centric software development can be carried onsite and other fixed objective based tasks can be carried offsite
So just give us your software development or technical consulting requirements and choose from our development models to maximize the process efficiency. Call our managers now.
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