Company Overview
Shell Soft Inc., was not incubated by businessmen in boardrooms rather it was an outcome of the efforts of a small group of passionate software engineers turned entrepreneurs, whose objectives were purely technology-enablement and commitment driven. Since its inception in 1997, it has been at the forefront of delivering unmatched services in the area of mission critical business projects, software development, technical consulting and talent acquisition.
Our expertise and quality commitment over the last 15 years has earned us over 50 clients including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, OEMs, product manufacturing companies, logistics and services companies and software and IT industry leaders. Some of our clients include Tell Labs, Tupperware, IDTI, ADX, TIVO, Emmperative, Polycom, Buffalo Rock (Pepsi bottling unit in AL), 3I Implant Innovation, Intuit and so on.
Shell Soft Inc. is headquartered in Falls Church VA, with its regional office in San Jose, CA. This allows us to offer onsite, off-site and mixed development support from different locations to our clients, delivering that extra competitive edge to them through faster turnaround times.
Our core values :
The equanimity in quality assurance, service delivery and decision making is achieved because of our adherence to our core value systems marked at the time of our inception. These values guide and help us draw our business and service lines. They are:
  • Business Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service Excellence
  • Clearly laid out Business Ethics
  • Learning, Unlearning and Sharing
  • Unperturbed Commitment
  • Highly Coordinated and Synchronized Teamwork
  • Respecting Human Values and Individuals
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Flexibility of Service
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