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The idea behind OneAccess UserManager is to give you a single doorway to solve all your SAP user administration and management issues. As a major ERP (SAP) consultant we clearly understand all the nagging issues with SAP user management and have ensured that all the issues are fixed for a seamless user management experience through OneAccess UserManager

So if you are troubled with

  • Inadequate user management options for various provisioning needs
  • Master record inconsistencies across SAP systems
  • Unapproved access to unintended users
  • No self password reset option
  • Lack effective enrollment of roles
  • And many other user management issues

Then OneAccess UserManager is the perfect solution for you

Features and Benefits of OneAccess

Optimal User Management
Now avoid the labor-intensive manual procedures of provisioning SAP access to your new recruits and drastically improve provisioning efficiency by over 95%

Workflow-based User Provisioning
OneAccess helps you to manage user access to various SAP systems including SAP BI, SAP APO, SAP ECC 6.0 more efficiently. It can service a wide range of provisioning requests that can be initiated directly by the end user.

Flexible Access to Changing Needs
It automates complex provisioning processes to enable users to have immediate access to SAP systems. With role-based provisioning, you can assign resources to your users based on functional roles and policies.

Dynamic Demonstrable Compliance
When you need to prove, track, automate, and verify your security policies, OneAccess UserManager is your best friend. You won't need to worry about Sarbanes-Oxley or similar information disclosure laws, because UserManager logs and tracks all user accesses for auditing purposes. This makes it much easier to track down security breaches should they ever occur, and provides solid confirmation that only approved users have access to sensitive information and systems.

Self Service Password Reset
Nearly 30% of helpdesk calls are password related and analysts estimate that each time someone makes a call to the helpdesk, it costs anywhere from US $25 to US $50. OneAccess empowers your users with password self-service, in accordance to your business and user access policies

Simple and Integrated
OneAccess UserManager unifies SAP user access across all SAP systems so that a change made is automatically propagated to all supported systems. This for instance will help you prevent someone from being both a Manager and an Approver.

Other key Benefits of OneAccess UserManager

  • Centralized SAP security access and policy enforcement
  • Delegate SAP access approval to local units
  • Automated creation of users in SAP System
  • SOX-compliant
  • Reduced audit costs
Exceedingly better than makeshift solutions like customizing workflow tools like Lotus Notes, email based, ticket-based or paper-based approval
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