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Work Methodology
At Shell Soft Inc. our entire work methodology and service offering is based on two simple premises

1) Customer centric services
2) Value additions through all possible technological augmentation and our unique service benefits

Shell Soft Inc.’s work methodology difference

Problem discovery
Our first job is to ensure that you feel totally comfortable and assured with our service offering, as we believe that unless our customers are comfortable with us requirement gathering will always be a superficial listing of problems at hand. So we achieve this through quality service assurance and our unique problem identification questionnaire, to get to the root of the problems. At Shell Soft Inc. we call this discovering the potential and hidden issues that actually need to be addressed.

Problem definition
The more you define your problem the closer you are to the solution. We strictly believe in this technique and ensure that through client interactions we define the problem as accurately as possible. This process saves solution development time substantially

Solution design
Based on the nature and uniqueness of the problem we design the solutions and go for a client approval. This is where our vast consulting experience makes things easier and helps us in designing the solutions with the least possible post interactive changes

Customer awareness and value additions
Our job is to make our customers aware of the possible value additions to the solution design which can be achieved through technological augmentation and our core service benefits.

Actual execution is carried out fully planned taking all factors into consideration like understanding resource capacity, infrastructure and logistics, work flow and framework, coordination and communication channels, decision making policy, risk mitigation techniques, on the fly changes and so on.

We normally opt for development-driven testing models to ensure that testing becomes part of the development process thus saving money and time and preventing integration and unit testing issues later. We also press in other testing methodologies as per the project needs

Change agent
We ensure that your business gets used to the new solution through necessary training and continuous technical support

Support and benefit realization
24x7 post deployment support and more importantly ensuring that our customers realize the actual desired benefits of the work is the key to our service. This may even require some post development tweaking as new issues or process challenges may arise

Flexible and modular service support
Customers at all times may not need the entire software development life cycle service; this is where our flexible and modular services can be pressed in. So be it small software glitches that needs to be fixed or providing professional and highly available support services, we deliver it all as per our customer’s needs

Our motto is to change as per our customer’s needs and deliver them what they need. So just call us for your requirements.
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