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Shell Soft Introduction
Want to know:
  • If your software meets its desired development objectives
  • Every features works as per the design
  • It works seamlessly under real time conditions
  • What kind of bugs may pop up
  • Reliability, robustness and security of the software
  • Does it secure quality benchmarks and more...

Then leave your software testing and quality analysis needs to Shell Soft Inc. and let our experts investigate and dissect your software to give you that precise testing and quality report.

Choose from our testing methodologies
You can choose from the traditional post development testing method to the newer agile testing method, where our testing engineers work along with your software development team resulting in test-driven development model, leading to quality and cost effective software solutions

Our software testing and quality assurance services include:

Functional testing
Put the complete functionality of your software to test with our in-depth functional testing and analysis. This process includes writing case studies and checking their execution results, test automation process, bug searching and reporting etc.

Load testing
We run your software at the maximum input load or at the desired maximum processing capacity for longer durations. We do this load testing using live data or simulated data to get the real test results. This result would clearly showcase the build quality and functional efficiency of your software. Our load testing reports often become the base to decide whether the software is ready to go live or not.

Security testing
Our objective behind is not to just breach the software’s security but give our clients a comprehensive report on the areas which needs a rework. For instance the software design or coding practices may itself be defective leading to possible security penetrations.

Regression testing
When new code or software patches are added chances are the new code may usher in new bugs, this is where our expert regression testing and analysis can weed out the new or implied bugs out

Automated testing tools
Our test engineers make the finest use of all relevant automated testing tools to ensure that nothing is left untested in ensuring the quality of your software. Some of testing tools that we use are QACenter, PurifyPlus, WinRunner, Rational Suite, QuickTest, LoadRunner etc.

Manual testing
Even with all the automated tools there may be areas which need manual testing to get to the core of things. This is where our expertise helps you to get under the skin of your software and test it out to ensure the quality of your software

So if you have any software testing requirements or want to credibly certify that your software is ready to go live or hit the market then you are just a call away. Contact our test engineers now.
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